Monday, November 12, 2007

Keeping the Dream Alive

Congratulations to Miami for keeping alive what would likely be an insurmountable record: a winless season that spans two continents and plumbs heretofore unimagined depths of ineptitude. Somehow, when it mattered most, they pulled out a loss against the Buffalo Bills despite holding a decent lead late in game. All it took was a safety in the 3rd (to bring the Bills up to 2!) and then an 11-point collapse to seal the loss.

What happens if Miami, the organization holding the only perfect season in NFL history, goes winless the same year the Patriots go undefeated? Does Don Shula implode? Does Bill Bellicheck declare himself a demigod? Will Gregg Easterbrook have a meltdown of impotent fury? Only time will tell.

And while we’re on the subject, for shame on the Rams for their victory over the weekend. Not only did they make the Saints look bad (although not worse than the Saints make themselves look), they have given Miami the inside track to the #1 draft pick.

Other than the Patriots (and the Colts when their Peyton-bot doesn’t go haywire) are there any good teams in the NFL this year?