Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our trip to the Discount Zoo

Today, just to show what a good father I am, I took my kids to the Discount Zoo. Sure, it doesn't have all the fancy animals or big restaurants of a normal zoo, but the it's the kind of zoo experience that kids are sure to remember. How is the Discount Zoo different than the regular zoo?

Well, in the discount zoo the animals are always on exhibit and never hiding in their cage. (Hint: look closely at the rabbits)

You don't get the same top-notch statues that you might get at other zoos, like lions and tigers and bears. You get a clapped-out statue of a guy on a camel.

The animals aren't quite as exotic, or as active, as the animals in more traditional zoos.

Like many zoos, there's a slight animal mortality problem.

But a trip to the animal nursery always lifts the spirits of young and old alike. Just look at that cute baby walrus!

Unfortunately, since it's in a bad part of town there's a problem with pornographic billboards. I managed to shield the children's eyes from this filth, though.

(Editor's note: these are actual pictures from a zoo; bonus points for guessing which one!)