Thursday, April 12, 2007

WikiConduct: The user-editable code of conduct!

We, the men and women womyn (christofascist douchebags not included) people of the blogosphere agree to adhere to and abide by break shove up your a$$ the following code of conduct Orwellian thought control in order to make the Internet a more hospitable place fascist dictatorship oppressive atmosphere.

Rule #1: No one will threaten anyone else except for those Chimpy Bushilterburton jackbooted thugs hippie-wannabe moonbat freaks Wikipedia submitters.

Rule #2: Bloggers will not be held responsible for what they allow to be said in their comments section by filth-spewing liberal trolls like those at the cesspool called the Huffington Post test edit please ignore

Rule #3: The deletion of inappropriate comments and whatever right-wingnuts say because it’s not worth reading anyways is not censorship morally justified equivalent to the book-burnings in the dark ages

Rule #4: Civility in discourse is as important in the blogosphere as in real life overrated

Rule #5: No one will post anything anonymously, because this leads to cowardly attacks on others just like our soldiers in Iraq just like the MSM just like the last two chickensh!t editors who edited this anonymously

Rule #6: All blogs will carry a warning that describes their content so as to prevent anyone from being offended suck except for Daily Kos! Kos Rulez! be smeared by the drive-by media in their ignorance ignore this code of conduct

Rule #7: A committee Star Chamber will be established that Surrendercrats will complain to about every right-wing blog to construct a do-not-blog list that the Rethuglicans will use against us just like the do-not-fly list to ensure conformance with these regulations and issue certifications to those blogs which meet this standard edicts against those who dare to resist the forces of civility

Rule #8: We will always act in a civilized manner to one another Jimmy Wales is a BUTTHEAD

Rule #9: Bite me

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