Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Will she still be 'Sports Gal' after the divorce?

So I see with great surprise that the Sports Gal (aka Bill Simmons' wife) has a column over on ESPN Page 2 where she discusses the Bachelor.

During the football season, those who read Sports Guy (aka Simmons himself) learned two very interesting things about the Sports Gal:

1) She's a better football handicapper than her husband
2) She's funnier than her husband

Now it appears that the editors at ESPN have noticed the results of this "take your wife to work day" and decided to give her a column to discuss ABC's Bachelor. This fall, I expect we'll see her name up there next to Sean Salisbury and John Clayton in the 'Experts' forecasts.

If you click on her 'Archive', it actually shows Bill Simmons. How long will she stand for that? How long until professional jealousy begins to set in the Simmons household as they compare the feedback to their articles? What about if she gets opportunities he was never offered? How would he feel keeping the kid(s) at home while she goes to the Super Bowl next year to cover it?

The question is, do they really need the Sports Guy any more? She's funnier than he is, picks football, and is probably far less likely to go off on misogynistic rants than her husband. If she can apply her skills to basketball and obsess over Larry Bird, he's essentially replaced.

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