Sunday, April 15, 2007

ESPN to 49 States: You Suck

Okay, it's really something less than 49 states, since not every one has a baseball team. But with their Week 2 power rankings of baseball teams, ESPN has "calculated" that the two NY teams are 1-2. It appears this is based on advanced statistical calculations, such as OBS, ROTFL and NYRULEZ, since neither team is at the top of their league and the Mets dropped 2-3 to the Braves, who have a better record to boot.

But don't worry, in true ESPN form they've insulted your intelligence with a weak disclaimer! Just read:
Believe it or not, a large faction of us here in Bristol, Conn., really don't believe New York or Boston is at the center of the baseball universe. Really.

Well, I certainly feel better. And they italicized two words, so sincerity just oozes through the formatting.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain with the vested interest in the Subway series and the much-beloved New York-Boston feud!

We can be sure that the list is correct, because it was from this website that we heard last year all about how the NL champion would surely fall in 4 games to the mighty AL champion in the World Series. So it's not like they could possibly miss something.