Thursday, April 5, 2007

Students Shot During Yale Sympathy Protest

Two Houston University students were injured this afternoon during a solidarity protest over the arrest of three Yale students yesterday for burning the American flag. The students were shot by an area homeowner while on in his back yard trying to light a pair of American flag boxers on fire, which had been left to dry on the clothesline.

“I was in my den watching the late news when I heard some rustling out back,” said homeowner Sam Crockett. “I figured it was burglars or something, so I grabbed my gun and saw those two fiddling around with my laundry. So I shot ‘em.”

No damage was reported to the boxers, which were still wet. The students were reported in stable condition at Houston Baptist Hospital. Police expected to file charges against them for trespass and attempted arson.

Local assistant district attorney Roy Bean said he didn’t expect to bring any charges against Crockett. “Listen, in Connecticut they might let ignorant teenagers set the front of their house on fire, but down here in Texas we don’t stand for that sort of thing. You think I care if a couple of hippies get winged trying to burn Old Glory? Even on skivvies that's a sacred symbol.”

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