Thursday, April 5, 2007

Disgraced Intern: My Life Has Not Gone as Planned

40-year-old former National Archives intern Denning McTague said today from prison that “my life has not gone as I planned” and admitted to making “a few errors in judgment.”

An upcoming Barbara Walters special will air an interview of McTague, where he is expected to cry and explain that his own incompetence led to stealing several pieces of Civil War memorabilia and selling them on E-Bay.

“I think the biggest sign that I have misspent my life is that I’m a forty-year-old unpaid intern.” He admitted to Walters. “Over twenty years of adult life, and all I could do was get a job designed for either a sixteen-year-old or somebody sentenced to community service? It’s pathetic.”

Walters asked him what he regretted the most: “It has to be that I sold the items on E-Bay. What was I thinking? I should have used Yahoo! Auction. Nobody ever goes there, so I’d never have been found out.”

The interview is part of a Barbara Walters special report titled “Interns Gone Wild: How Our Government’s Lowest-Paid Employees are Ruining America.”

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