Monday, April 2, 2007

A word from our sponsor

Hello, what few readers I currently have. I want to thank you for coming here and I hope that you have enjoyed what you’ve read so far. My hope is there will be more and more of you as time goes on, and that you’ll tell others about this blog so that it can grow.

As you (hopefully) can tell, this is an attempt at a humor blog. Oh, every once in a while I’ll throw in a deep thought or two, but by and large I’m trying to be funny. I apologize ahead of time for the stuff I put on here that fails at that purpose. I’m also trying to satire targets that are largely fresh, using approaches that other people haven’t tried yet. That’s not to say that some of this won’t be derivative or heavily influenced by what’s out there, but I promise that I’m trying to be original. When I’m not, please call me on it. I don’t read nearly everything, so it’s bound to happen eventually that I inadvertently copy something.

Occasionally I try out a new form, like I have today on the Dan Shaughnessy piece. It may misfire, but I’m stretching to see where my limits are. Don’t worry about telling me that something is bad; I’d rather know it’s bad and either refine it or leave it to somebody else to do than continue to write drivel. Trust me on this: my ego is big enough that I can take a little criticism.

As everybody, my interest in various areas will ebb and flow, which is why (for example) last week we had three environmental send-ups and today there are two sports-themed postings. It’ll just be like that, I suppose.

I’m currently rated as a microbe on the TTLB ecosystem and tied for last place in the blogosphere. My goal is to be a Higher Being someday. Yes, it’s a long way, but as Thoreau said, “’whatever a man aims at, let him aim high.”

So please keep coming back, keep reading, and don’t hesitate to link to my posts or my blog. And remember: keep watching the skis!

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