Monday, April 16, 2007

GGW Producer: I’m a journalist too!

Following the release of Josh Wolf, Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis today announced from jail that he was also a journalist and should be freed. Francis is in jail for contempt of court in Panama City, Florida, and has also been accused of soliciting underage girls to appear in his videos, drug and bribery charges, and tax evasion.

“I didn’t know that being a journalist gave you a license to do illegal stuff, so I never brought it up,” said Francis. “My real crime, if you want to call it that, is to be an outstanding journalist who publishes his own video newspaper on the spread of nakedness to college coeds. The big media saw me as a threat, so they used their cronies in the courts to have me locked up. Can I help it if I have a really good distribution system for my articles?”

Asked about the other allegations, Francis dismissed them as the work of an overzealous prosecutor. “The guys that are after me make Mike Nifong look like Jack McCoy, if that gives you any idea of their integrity. It’s all a pack of lies. But to make all this go away, I’m more than happy to post unedited footage to my website to get out of jail and give the feds free copies.”