Friday, April 6, 2007

Knowing My Place

As you know, my goal is to climb the blog evolutionary ladder from my current level of Insignificant Microbe all the way up to Higher Being. It’s kind of like Pok√©mon, only with less violence and I’m not nearly as cute.

So today I checked my status on TTLB Ecosystem, the resource for Internet blog popularity. Of the 60,428 blogs in the ecosystem, I am at number 47,133. I’m quite proud of myself: I’m already higher than over 20% of the blogs in the ecosystem! Let’s just see who my neighbors are, shall we?

At 47,134 we have Armchair Activism, run by a self-proclaimed adult ADD sufferer undergoing a pre-midlife crisis given to rambling incoherence, whose last posted over a year ago and labels his site as “under construction”. So I’ve edged out that guy, but just barely. Not a good sign.

At 47,132 we have The Daily Tubber, a site dedicated to claw tub repair and wholesale coupons, which last posted a map of celebrity homes on January 10. I’m losing out to a claw tub repair/free coupon site run by some “dot org” celebrity stalker? Excuse me while I go drown myself in my non-claw tub now.

Far up the list, at 44,364, I saw Danica Patrick Nude Racing Hottie. How could I ever hope to pass her, the naked racing legend herself, if I can’t even get separation from a claw tub fancier and an ADD sufferer?

So please, help me out here. Throw me a few links, introduce a few friends, or something to at least get me out from between ADD and claw tubs up into the more respectable part of the ecosystem with the naked NASCAR chick.

Thank you.

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