Thursday, April 26, 2007

Congress Spurs Warming Research with Grant

Dr. Ron Oxhide of the Center for Popular Science today announced that his foundation had received a Congressional Science Grant for 60 million dollars intended to complete testing on their innovative approach to combating climate change, called React-Stop.

“React-Stop is a program intended to prevent the formation of CO2 in basic combustion processes as we know them today, including everything from automobiles to coal-fired power plants. Since CO2 is the driver for climate change and the most significant greenhouse gas in the environment today, we feel that React-Stop represents a significant opportunity to forestall any further negative climate impact by human industrial activity, without compromising quality of life in developed countries.”

Dr. Oxhide presented his invention at the third annual Climate Technology Conference in London, England. Although the technical intricacies of the plan are quite complex, he said that the basic goal of the program is simple. “We asked ourselves: what do you need to make CO2? And the answer is pretty simple: one carbon molecule and two oxygen molecules. Since everybody knows that you need carbon as the energy source for your industries, we decided to work on the oxygen molecules. And that’s what React-Stop does.”

By injecting ionized atoms of iron, Dr. Oxhide says that they will form FeO2 and other oxygenated complexes, scrubbing the oxygen from the atmosphere that leads to the formation of CO2. “Without the oxygen, there’s no CO2, there’s no greenhouse gases, and there’s no problem.” Oxhide said. “It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.”

Oxhide was confident that the plan would not only work but prove economical as well. “Iron is easily one of the most abundant materials in the Earth’s crust, and man has been ionizing iron for hundreds of years. I think we can commercially deploy this system before 2010 and see an immediate impact.”

Asked about the environment sustainability of his plan, Oxhide said that “once this plan is in effect, I guarantee that nobody will complain about CO2 ever again.”