Saturday, April 14, 2007

Will badmouth for traffic!

Following this graph posted by Bill Hobbes about traffic at Katherine Coble's website, and pursuant to my public and forestated goals, I would like it to be known that this blogspace is available to bad-mouth, slander, harass, libel, or otherwise disturb any prominent individuals who would be willing to publicly threaten and harass me in order to increase my traffic.

And as an added bonus, I am happy to provide the following "starter attacks" for you to choose from! Choose from such exciting, exotic character attacks as:
  • Intimate relationship with a goat
  • Stole money from a retirement community via rigged macarena contests
  • Embezzled crack money from a children's charity
  • Arrested in Wendy's parking lot driving naked
  • Starting cult of personality
  • Caught manscaping in public restroom (for men or women!)
  • Was born a hermaphrodite
  • Seal hunts without a license
  • Real name is Jamie Rumpcheeks
  • Caught cruising Piggly-Wiggly looking for discount prostitutes

And many, many more! Just send me an e-mail and I'll get to work on your personally written attack post today!