Monday, May 21, 2007

Poetic Justice for Jimmy Carter

From foreign disaster to home-grown malaise,
The era of Carter left us in a haze.
He bitches and moans that George Bush is no good,
He just won’t shut up like ex-presidents should.

Before you listen to him giving advice,
Remember there’s reason he didn’t win twice.
It wasn’t his style or his substance that won,
He was president because he's not Nixon

Bill's interns may not have kept their lips well sealed,
But Bill Clinton’s are and that’s part of the deal.
And Ford didn’t whine until after he’d died,
While George Bush the elder has acted tongue-tied.

But Carter is not content to be this way,
His scolding sounds like a donkey in full bray.
For every day that Carter complains some more,
He shows us he’s useful as tits on a boar.