Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Rung on the Ladder

I've never hidden my deisre to climb the blogosphere evolutionary ladder. So now, about two full months into real blogging, where am I in my quest to be a higher being?

Well, at this very moment I sit at 35766. That's an improvement over my last update in April, when I was at 47133. Things are looking up! I'm not an insignificant microbe anymore, either. I'm a multicellular organism now. A few more steps and I'll be playing with the big boys! I can see that a few spots below me is a blog called Drunksex. So long, drunken whoremonger! It's good to be out of that neighborhood.

Let's just see who my new neighbors are. At 35767, and thus a hair less evolved than me, and thus not as important, is a blog called ksajadi, run by an Iranian immigrant living in Canada whose last post came on July 13, 2005. Not an encouraging start.

One step above me, and thus my superior, is a site called Vinyl Mine Clip Shack. I expected to find rubber nipple clips or other "adult devices", but it's apparently a TV/movie review site that has been inactive since last September. I can't pass this guy? Really?

Okay, so this is not my proudest moment. And it's not like it gets any easier up the list. One of the top-ranked multicellular microorganisms: a blog called Drunk and Armed. It's pretty clear that I'm still trapped in the blogosphere equivalent of a trailer park. So for goodness' sake, throw me a link or two!