Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Massive Rift in Republican Blogosphere

Champaign corks were flying over at Daily Kos this week on the revelation that Dean Barnett, Hugh Hewitt’s lapdog and known Christianist front man, had fired a salvo across the bows of a popular conservative political commentator commonly known as the Captain, aka Ed Morrissey.

Apparently upset by the wit and wisdom of the much-revered Captain, and with his own position as Hugh’s fill-and and surrogate clearly in danger, Barnett orchestrated the banning of the Captain from the comments section on Townhall. Barnett kept his hands clean by having one of his Townhall brownshirts do the actual banning, but his greasy fingerprints on the action were as clear as Karl Rove’s on Florida ballots.

The Captain did not take the banning lightly, sending a polite but clear letter to Dean challenging him to state his reasons. In typical sophomoric fashion Dean replied by dismissing the Captain outright by hoping “our virtual door hit him in his virtual derriere on his way out”.

No public word yet from the Captain, who is taking the high road on his own blog and has not mentioned the controversy. But it clearly shows the strains in the Rethuglikkkan Hit Machine that mastermind Karl Rove cannot hold his lackeys together and they resort to this type of infighting. Having to plan for a 2008 matchup with a Democratic party that presents weak candidates, incompetent leadership, and corrupt reformers has clearly fractured the GOP beyond repair.

Only time will tell who benefits from this schism more, Daily Kos, the democrats, or the United States of America.

(Author’s note: If you don’t know who Captain’s Quarters or Dean Barnett are, this won’t make much sense, and I apologize. But I thought it was funny. See Barnett’s post here for the inspiration for this.)