Friday, May 11, 2007

Robertson Issues ‘Do Not Watch’ List for Cartoons

Evangelist Pat Robertson today issued an updated version of his cartoon ‘Do Not Watch’ list for parents, urging them to “protect the moral fabric of their children by avoiding this devil-drawn filth.”

“It used to be that cartoons were a happy place, with upstanding morals of teamwork and patriotism, like when Bugs Bunny and a gremlin dropped a bomb on Hitler. But now they’re cesspools of morally repugnant filth, and I urge parents to closely monitor what their children are exposed to,” Robertson said on The 700 Club. “But since parents can’t watch all these cartoons, we’ve put together our latest ‘Do Not Watch’ list to make sure that they know which cartoons are the really bad ones.”

Robertson identified ten cartoons which he said are destroying the moral fabric of America:

  1. Woody Woodpecker: “From the title, which glorifies homosexuality, to the lascivious laugh, this bird is nothing but trouble.”

  2. Powerpuff Girls: “This show simply glorifies cloning and violence, and has no redeeming societal message.”

  3. Justice League: “Could somebody buy Wonder Woman some pants, please? And I don’t care if he does have a hook for a hand, Aquaman has no business being treated as a super-hero. His only power is not drowning.”

  4. Dragonball Z: “Anything that involves people coming back from the dead is too unrealistic for our children to be watching.”

  5. Droopy Dog: “Between his meth hits, Droopy cavorts with criminal foxes and prostitutes.”

  6. Legend of the Dragon: “This is basically a primer course to pervert children away from basic Christian values and turn them into Buddhists.”

  7. South Park: “If the foul-mouthed children aren’t a tip off, and if the poor artwork isn’t a tip-off, the political angle of this show should certainly tip you off that this is not something for impressionable youngsters to be watching.”

  8. The Simpsons: “Not only is this show on after bedtime, it’s not funny any more, either. So do your children a favor and flip to C-Span, which is more interesting.”

  9. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: “Other than snarling Boston traffic with guerilla ads, I can’t figure out what the heck this show is about. So it must be bad.”

  10. Spongebob Squarepants: “Why is the only decent character on the show, Spongebob, routinely portrayed as being a square in pants? Because this is really a thinly-veiled critique of Christianity, that’s why, with Squidbert filling in as Judas Iscariot.”