Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Cox Tapes

Bomani Jones asksed yesterday “what does [Bobby] Cox say to get ejected?” Well, as luck would have it I happen to have a connection to season tickets for Atlanta Braves baseball, and having sat close enough to hear on-field action I can tell you exactly what I heard the last time I saw one of these ejections:

COX: You gotta help me out! UMPRIE: What’s the problem, Bobby? COX: My rhoids are killing me. Can you eject me so I can go sit in the salt bath for the rest of the game? UMPIRE: You sure? COX: Yeah, plus I’m tired of the cameras always catching me picking my nose. I’d like a little privacy. UMPIRE: Then you’re outta here! No handshake needed. COX: Thanks.