Monday, May 14, 2007

Favre Enjoys Media Exemption

Brett Favre again enjoyed the fruits of his media exemption over the weekend, taking advantage of the fawning sycophants that make up sportswriters to criticize the Packers for not getting Randy Moss in trade.

Apparently Favre had double-secret information that Moss, well-known for being a hard-working hustler who fits in well with the culture of the Midwest, was ready to take less money to play in Green Bay just for the opportunity to catch passes from the Packers’ living legend.

If Moss really wanted to catch passes from Favre, he should have switched to Safety and gone to the Bears or the Vikings. He’d be guaranteed 5 to 10 passes a year from Favre, with 2-3 for touchdowns. Those are better numbers than he put up with Oakland, at least.

The ink-stained wretches that cover him nodded and copied down his drivel, none of them seemingly courageous enough to ask him why he didn’t state any of this publicly over the last few months. Nor did they ask him how he could know, beyond a doubt, that what he said was true.

Then they toss in the subplot about Favre having hurt feelings and wanting out of Green Bay. Here’s a secret: no team outside of Green Bay would give anything up for Favre, unless they had a GM who was a moron. Okay, so Detroit is probably a go, but beyond that, there’s nowhere for Favre to go.

Can you imagine another player acting this way and not getting ripped by the press? Long story short: the guy is selfish, rips his team and his teammates when it suits him, and likes to shout “LOOK AT ME!” whenever he can. He’s a Prima Donna who costs his team games with his antics, not to mention sabotaging their future with his interminable retirement dance and refusal to mentor the next QB.

But to sportswriters he's gritty and determined and a "gunslinger". I call it stubborn and sloppy, but I suppose the choice of adjectives is up to each individual writer.

Has he got a picture of the entire sportswriting press in bed with a goat or something? What’s the deal here? There’s got to be some sort of story that he goes virtually uncriticized, beyond the occasional ranting from pyjamas-clad social misanthropes like me.

My personal Favre opinion is this: retire, shut up, or preferably do both.