Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stupid Reuters Tricks

Trick #1:
The weekend’s big news story was that men don’t like to shop and they’re not very good at it. At least, that was the opinion of some group called TNS Retail Forward. As far as some kind of data to back that up, you’ll be somewhat disappointed with the link: other than demographic information the rest of it is just apocryphal stories and opinion by someone named Mandy Putnam about men.

What can we hope for next from Mandy Putnam and TNS Retail Forward? Perhaps a similarly exhaustive scientific study to show that women are bad drivers, or the long-hoped-for study that children like candy. Come on, Mandy, follow up that sizzle with some steak!

Seriously, this is news? Or is this just sexist opinion dressed up as science and packaged as news?

Trick #2:

Study shows older baby boomers who are healthy, wealthy, and have meaningful things to do in their life are generally happier.

What a miraculous find: people who have financial resources, are healthy, and have a reason to live are generally happier than those without. What a shock! I’m glad somebody funded that study…twice!

Coming soon from Reuters, second only to the AP: an exhaustive study to determine if the Pope is Catholic or not!