Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Democrat's Prayer

I ran across this recently on a website calling for Al Gore to run and deliver the US from 8 years of Republican rule. It's apparently some sort of prayer to be offered up to the most high Al, and is reputed to be one of the sixteen steps to getting Al Gore to appear at your event or fundraiser (the last step being a large speaking fee).

The prayer is as follows:

"Our Goreacle,
(who really won the 2000 election)
Hallowed be thy Powerpoint.
Your books are all best-sellers,
Your movies win awards,
In Cannes as well as at the Oscars.
Give us this day our carbon offsets,
And forgive us our consumption,
As we forgive you for your lifestyle of abundance.
Please enter into the election,
Which will deliver us from evil.
For neither Hillary, nor Barack, nor John Edwards is your equal,
Al Gore."

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