Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poll: 83% of Americans Hate Romney

Following up on their survey released last week, Newsweek today released a poll showing that 83% of Americans hate GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, saying he was “scary and weird.”

The question asked was “Everybody knows that Mormons are weird and they do strange stuff in their so-called temple and they’re really a secretive death cult. If you knew that Mitt Romney was the Grand Dragon of the KKK section of the Massachusetts Mormons, and that he had rigged the votes for ‘American Idol’ and ‘Top Model’, would you say that you hate him?”

Of the total respondents, 83% said “Yes” and 16% said they would need more information. 1% said they would vote for him and find him presidential.

The poll was carried out at the annual Americans Against Mormons conference, and paid respondents $20 for answering “Yes” and a smack in the face for voting “No.”

Next week Newsweek plans to attend a Code Pink rally to determine the level of support for John McCain with the question “Given that he’s a baby-murdering psychopath that spits on the graves of innocents, don’t you think John McCain should be locked up in an insane asylum?”