Sunday, May 6, 2007

Now, I don't follow the news too closely. But apparently either Prince Harry or Harry Potter is going to get married (not sure which one), and these are the pictures of the women that he could marry. Only, I'm not too sure who they are.

Juding by the microphone and the pose, in the top left we have Michael Jackson, although I thought his hair was darker than that. In the top right is someone who appears to be wearing a Nike hat, so I guess it's a sportswoman, but I have no idea who. I'm pretty sure it's not Michelle Wie or Danica Patrick, nude racing hottie.

On the lower row it gets confusing. On the left we have the cartoon version of Phoebe Cates from Friends, as played by Lisa Kudrow. That's what makes me think it's Harry Potter getting married, since Prince Harry would need to marry a real woman. Of course, his mother didn't marry a real man, so I suppose he has family experience with this sort of thing.

And on the lower right there's a picture of Paris Hilton, in her black headband as she heads off to 45 days in the hoosegow. Will he still love her when she gets out? Only time will tell.