Sunday, June 1, 2008

Top Ten

Top then things that your wife won’t believe about having a vasectomy:

10) It’s the sperm that made it taste so bad.
9) No, really, he said you need to kiss it and make it better.
8) Some shrinkage was to be expected.
7) I’m supposed to have sex or get a blow job every day for six months.
6) It’s not that I’m lazy, he just told me to take it easy for four or five years.
5) My balls still hurt.
4) The doctor said that seeing other people was good for it.
3) I need to stay away from stress, otherwise I’d be happy to go visit your family.
2) I picked up an allergy to dirty dishes during the procedure.
1) He said that it might take years for me to last longer than three seconds.

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