Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So sharp it rolls

I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, but even I could figure out that the recent e-mail I got was a fake. It starts out with this:
I find your blog very interesting to read. Your way of writing can magnet and lure a lot of visitors/readers. Would you be able to write about our product after visiting our site?
You know, I find that first sentence magnet, too. It's almost like it was passed through Babelfish or something by an auto-sender. And a quick visit to the old sitemeter confirms that their thesis is not correct. Not unless 10 is a lot.
Or if you have a friend who is interested to try our product, we can send you one. From this, you can gain insights and share your friend's experience to us.

Can you guess what product they're pushing? Go on, try and guess. I can wait. What product would they want you to try, but say you might also have a friend who is interested in the product?
I would really be interested to know if you would be able to post your findings/review in your blog http://dailydollop.blogspot.com, it may be a positive or negative one, with links to our site.

I'm no marketing major, but I'm pretty sure when you send out free stuff you kind of hope for a positive review. Especially when your product is:

Penis size enhancment.

Turns out that an auto-crawler looking for "erectile dysfunction" stumbled across last week's phobia post and decided that I needed a little more larder in my garters.

The Internet is a strange, strange place.

[Side note: I'm hung like a donkey on viagra. Just thought you'd want to know that. It's not like I ordered a hundred cases from them or something on the off chance that it works and I can recapture some of my shattered self-esteem.]

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