Monday, June 23, 2008

Huckabee said to be Mulling Potential Gaffes

Sources close to former Republican frontrunner and overall attention whore Mike Huckabee said that the Baptist Minister is considering making a “major gaffe” regarding Barack Obama. While the nature of the gaffe is not fully revealed, the source did say that it was of either an ethnic or faith background.

“Basically, Huck’s upset that he’s not getting the attention of major-league faith leaders like Father Pflegler or Reverend Wright,” said one source. “And he figures that since those guys got a lot of attention by being close to Obama and spewing anti-white hate, he’ll try the other side of the coin and go traditional racist.”

The former staffer said the plan is probably what prompted Obama’s bizarre claims over the weekend about upcoming Republican tactics. “When Obama said that Republicans would try racist attacks, this was probably what he had in mind,” the confidential source said. “It’s pretty well-established this campaign that white guys from Arkansas are going to use racist code words to criticize Barack. And you know who’s a white guy from Arkansas? Mike Huckabee.”

But not everyone agreed that the gaffe would be race-related. “I think he’ll question Obama’s sexuality,” said one former Huckabee volunteer now working on the Bob Barr campaign. “Huck wants to be the populist demagogue, and he can’t do that as long as Obama has the fruitcake coalition sewn up. But if he can get those swooning nimrods up front at Brother Huck’s Socialist Revival, watch out!”

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