Friday, August 31, 2007

My thoughts on Diana

I think I’m required to post something on the anniversary of Diana’s death. If I don’t they’ll pull my bloggers’ union membership.

So here’s my thought: does it appall anybody else that Elton John did everything but hump her corpse in an attempt to revive his fading career when she died, and that he’s continued to pimp out his crushing grief at her passing ever since?

There used to be a word that the grown-ups used for such behavior. Let me see if I can remember it; oh yeah, it was tacky. Yes, Elton, we get that you’re a half-witted asshole mooning over the loss of his blue-blooded soul mate. Shut the hell up about it already.

[Note: there used to be some nasty stuff past this, but after looking at it I've decided to censor myself. I guess a little compassion wouldn't hurt. The Elton John thing still bugs me, though, so I left it in. Candle up your ass, dickwad.]