Monday, August 27, 2007

Why not child brothels, too?

I had a crazy friend once who explained to me that every pro sport was rigged by mobsters in Vegas and they controlled games to make money on their gambling operations. That’s why he was a hockey fan, because the money there was too low for it to be interesting for Vegas and it was the only “pure” sport.

He also used to predict that soon the US would legalize child porn. In short, he was nuts, and I used to tell him that. Nice guy so long as you didn’t discuss sports, politics, or pornography.

But then I read CBS corporate jackass Nina Tassler’s comments about Kid Nation:
"To really get out there and change the landscape of television, you have to sort of stir public debate," Tassler told the assembled press. "We know we're going to create some controversy. We know people are going to be talking, (and) it's good that we're talking."
Talking about what, exactly? Child-labor laws? Exploitation? What is it that she’s pushing for, exactly? It’s this kind of thinking that eventually leads us to child prostitutes. No, really, I’m serious.

Child labor and welfare laws were born out of the desire to end child prostitution. The end of child miners and garment workers was just a happy side effect of this practice. Ultimately, our entire system of child welfare revolves around the idea that children may not be exploited regardless of what the parents and the children want!!

And now idiots like CBS and head piece-of-shit Nina Tassler want to “stir public debate” so they can “change the landscape of television” because it’s “good that we’re talking.”

I’ll tell you what, Nina Asshole: you go live in a country where child sex slavery is a hot topic of discussion. Me, I think I’ll pass.