Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Response to Ed Driscoll

Ed Driscoll asks today:
So who's going to demolish the current Hollywood formulas as they start to look increasingly gray and tired themselves, no matter how young the cast is?
I predict it'll be historical action movies. Witness the success of Rome and 300, really well-done historical movies with plenty of sex, action, and gore. And coming up we have The Last Legion, which looks terrible but fits in the genre (you could also count Troy in there, but I don't like to talk about that movie, much less link to it).

You can find any story you want, with good or anti-heroes or whatever you're looking for. You have love interests and killing and epic CGI battles. We'll be seeing more and more of these, and some of them ought to be pretty good.

Best of all: the events aren't copyrighted, they're easily researched, and the script practically writes itself (ie it's cheap).