Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Internet's Underclass

Take a trip with me to the seamy underbelly of the Internet, where the bottom-dwelling subhumans dwell. Yes, that's right, we're going to go explore the comments section of Yahoo's OMG! article on Courtney Love's accusation that Steve Coogan supplied Owen Wilson with the drugs that led to his suicide attempt.

I'll leave for the scholars to decide whether or not this being news says that our society is decadent and deserves to persih, or whether or how it is that what is essentially gossip should be repeated in a semi-slanderous account.

What caught my attention was the comments. What a shocking array of knuckle-dragging morons! Here's a sample:

One says: You me and Dupree then night at the's too bad he didn't I wouldn't be subjected to these horrible films :)
Can you feel the love tonight? Wow! And the emoticon smiley lets us know that the poster is...disturbed? Disgruntled? Discombobulated?

Sandra C says "hes gay" twice; I'm not sure if that's really germane to the discussion at hand, though.

A third tells us that courtney love probably tried to kill owen wilson just like she killed kurt one should believe a word that comes out of her mouth!!
Ahh, sweet conspiracy, the last refuge of the moronic troglodyte.

A fourth says I know owen and hes a good guy with an untreated disease
Now really, how likely is that? Just because you got genital herpes from a hooker who said she got it from Owen Wilson doesn't mean that you "know" Owen Wilson.

Another says OWEN HAS A CHOSE
If it's in all caps, it must be true. Everybody knows that "chose" is French for "thing", so I think this is some comment about Owen's legendary manhood.

And my favorite: dont feel sorry for him he banged kate hudson
This may be a retort to Sandra C, I'm not sure. But I think that the fourth guy would probably warn her to get to a VD clinic right now if that's the case...