Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Listen to Al Gore for Once

I agree with Al Gore 100% when he says that there’s a huge public misinformation campaign going on regarding global warming. He’s dead-on in his criticisms of these despicable charlatans. Consider the facts:

1) A movie, released in mid-2006 with excellent box office receipts and an Oscar to boot, that has been shown in schools across the US and the world. This movie has some small problems with its scientific accuracy, some inflated claims, and some outright lies. Gore’s right when he says that there’s propaganda being spread, and it’s doubly damning that it’s aimed at children who don’t know what their trusted professors are pushing down their throats.

2) Funding for this effort is, at best, somewhat nebulous. There are legitimate claims that those who run this effort (we’ll call them the Sinister Cabal) are heavily interested in lining their own pockets. There’s some doubt about the trustworthiness of those at the top of the Sinister Cabal, and worse, there’s some doubt about the efficacy of the methods that the Sinister Cabal prescribes to treat the problem that it identifies. Physician, heal thyself indeed.

3) The front man for this effort is clearly a tremendous hypocrite, exhorting the worst of “not for me but for thee” mindset that is so damaging to any noble cause. He lives an extravagant lifestyle while telling others to go without in order to be more pure.

But take heart: despite the hours and hours of coverage being donated, free of charge, by mindless network executives events by these bozos are complete failures, their ratings a smoking crater in any network that dares to touch them.

So hopefully the public will continue to resist these climate Svengalis.