Friday, August 17, 2007

It’s Not Nice to Gloat

I’m sure it will come as a surprise to you that Greenstone Media is going off the air. It will come as a surprise because you probably didn’t know that they existed, nor what they did.

Turns out that they were a feminist talk-radio outfit run by Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda. And everybody knows that you can trust Jane Fonda, right?
Okay, that was just a cheap excuse to run a Barbarella picture. Anyway, they ran out of money because nobody advertised because nobody listened. It turns out that targeting the demographic that already fails to listen to Air America is a good way to make sure that they don’t listen to you, either.

But let’s not gloat over the poor employees who are going to get shafted, according to this (overly gleeful) report. I do feel sorry for them. They were probably working for something they believed in, and thought that they’d not get shafted by fellow feminists.

It just goes to show that in business, the politics of identity are just as useless as they are everywhere else.