Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Month = Eternity?

Where’d everybody go? I only took a month off! In the blogosphere, though, that’s a relative eternity. So my traffic has dropped off to 6 hits a day, which is pretty much all the people who are related to me. And one of them has started complaining about the volume of my posting, so I guess I can expect my hits to drop off to 5 any day now.

In an effort to boost traffic, I’m going to type in some powerful search phrases to try to lure unsuspecting people to Daily Dollop:

Lindsay Lohan nude sex tape DUI bitch slaps cop thong bikini mackerel

Gary Coleman shooting rampage circus cannon midget bowling wedding

Kevin Federline bogus loser Britney’s naked picture hockey stick raccoon testicles

Otter baby global warming bites researcher adoption Knute

Twelve-headed jellyfish savages space station

Michael Vick suspended season pit bull bites buttocks looks for work tag-team Pacman Jones Marcus more normal pleads guilty innocent cooking tips

If you’ve stumbled here looking for that information about Kevin Federline’s new line of raccoon-testicle hockey stick covers, I apologize. But take a look around at the site and see if you can’t bump my traffic up, okay?

And be sure to spam all your friends with my web address. Hey, it works for Ron Paul!