Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Simple Explanation

Climate Change deniers are all in a twitter this week because of recent studies showing that there’s not enough heat in the ocean and an allegation that the atmosphere isn’t infinitely thick.

You know what? Climate Change deniers are idiots.

Of course the oceans haven’t warmed! Only fools ever expected that they would. When you want to cool a drink, what do you do? You put in ice cubes. Similarly, millions of tons of ice have slid off the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves into the oceans, keeping them cool.

Add to those all the frozen polar bear corpses and it’s a miracle that the oceans haven’t frozen up completely.

And as for this whole “newly derived equations” mumbo-jumbo; well, let’s just say that if Jim Cramer can’t figure out math, then there’s no way that some Hungarian bozo is going to suddenly derive equations better than the good old US of A.

Isn’t Hungary the country that put screen doors on their submarines?

Listen, NASA’s been all the way to the moon, so they know very well how deep the atmosphere really is. And the NASA guy says that the 200-year old calculations are good and that there’s not going to be any changes to the basic theory. Case closed, game, set, and match.

Now go buy your Prius and shut up.

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