Monday, March 3, 2008

'60 Minutes' Converts to All-Crazy Format

In a bid to keep up with more tabloid publications like The National Enquirer and The New York Times, TV newsmagazine 60 Minutes today announced that they would be going to an 'all-crazy' format devoted to the crazy, the weird, and the downright disturbed.

"Why limit the crazy venting to just Andy Rooney?" said one producer. "With a full-on all-crazy format we can be a clearinghouse for nuts all over the country who just want to get something off their chest. After the success of Dan Rather's piece on the president, and our recent expose on the frame-up of Don Sielegman, we figured that we might as well go all-in on this style of journalism."

Upcoming segments of the popular show will include:

*Marlin Perkins' love child: the story Mutual of Omaha doesn't want you to hear

*A New Hope? What Barack Obama, DNA testing, and Dan Brown's seminal work have to say about the future of America's soul

*They came from Uranus to probe my anus: one woman's tale of public restroom terror

*Nigerian lottery winners: where are they now?

*The USPS plan to tax e-mails ten cents each, and what we have to do to stop them

*Hitler's Pilot: how Nazi cloning tests from the 1930's are jeopardizing our future

*Cannibal Bikini Hookers of Des Moines: the real story of America's heartland

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