Monday, March 17, 2008

Rev. Wright Rejects Obama

Embattled minister Jeremiah Wright today lashed out at Barack Obama, calling him “my former protégé” and saying that he wasn’t forced off Obama’s campaign, but that the firebrand reverend quit because Obama was too soft on “making white America pay for its past crimes.”

“I thought Barack was different,” Wright said in an interview. “I thought he hoped for real change during the past 20 years that he was sitting in my church, listening to my sermons, and accepting my advice. I thought his overtures to William Ayers were very positive and showed which direction he wanted relations in this country to go. But now I find out that instead of sticking it to the white man, he was all about political power. I feel used.”

He also had sharp words for the presidential candidate about oratory style. “In his book he admits to copying my style, which is all right as long as he sticks to the central message. But if he’s going to turn it into love for whitey, then I am not down with his jive any more. And after he stole the title for his book from one of my sermons! He’s like Judas to me now.”

The depressed reverend added that “I never believed it before, but I guess it’s true: one drop makes you a honky.”

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