Monday, March 17, 2008

Google Pot: Kettle is Black, Dangerous

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told reporters in Beijing that “Microsoft represents a great threat to the dream of an open internet, where information is exchanged freely by all peoples of the world. They must be stopped at all costs before their rapacious greed destroys everything we cherish.”

Asked about Tibet, Schmidt said that “I don’t know of any problems there, and the people seem genuinely happy to be part of the Chinese experience.”

Asked about genocide in the Sudan, Schmidt said that “if it’s not covered on, then it’s not important enough to worry about.”

Asked about jailed political dissidents housed in China, Schmidt said that “I don’t see any in this room, do you?” and refused to take further questions.

He also said that his company was willing to assist Yahoo in fending off Microsoft’s bid, but only if it would “allow us to stamp the Google ideals firmly into Yahoo and make sure that Internet evolution is shaped by our benevolent hands.”

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