Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Et Tu, Peter King? football guru Peter King treats us to this thoughtful piece of advice in this week’s MMQB:
c. Toughen up, Paris Hilton
Peter King thinks Paris Hilton should “toughen up”? This from the guy that went weepy for a month when his dog died? A guy that constantly bitches about having to pay to use the health facilities at hotels? Who goes apoplectic when somebody talks on a cell phone on the train? A man who can’t function without his Starbucks grande triple mocha latte?

Be realistic: it’s not like she sprained her ankle here. She’s going to jail for 40-some days. If I were headed to jail, I’d cry for my mommy, too.

I can handle him saying “welcome to the real world” or “guess you have to take your medicine” or something along those lines, but “Toughen up”? Who does he think he is, Vince Lombardi?