Monday, June 18, 2007

Palestinians Advancing Frontiers of “Cide”

What has never ceased to amaze me about the coverage of the Fatah-Hamas conflict over the past few weeks is the absolute astonishment of reporters that Fatah and Hamas would come to deadly fighting in Gaza.

Why is it surprising that a group which glorifies suicide and openly seeks homicide would consider fratricide a legitimate tactic in resolving differences? Of course they started killing each other; it’s their solution to every problem: kill somebody.

They also love regicide (which they tried in Jordan) and genocide (which they push for Jews). They’re still pioneering matricide, but the rise of female suicide bombers shows that they’re open to the idea.

At this point the only “Cide” they’ve left unturned is Funny Cide, who they can’t afford because of the crippling sanctions imposed by the West.