Monday, June 11, 2007

Best Blogging Week Ever !

My lovely and charming wife was manning the helm for me last week, posting stuff I forwarded to her and generally keeping the blog in order for me. When I spoke to her on Tuesday, still groggy from a 10-hour plane ride, she said to me “I think lightning hit the server that tracks your blog, because it showed something like 350 hits yesterday, and that just can’t be right.”

I appreciated her brutal honesty, because quite frankly I figured that 300 hits meant I’d been spammed or sued or something. Turns out the counter was correct, and last week I had my best blogging week ever with over 600 visits and several links. Thanks to everybody for making it a very special week for me, particularly the good folks at Ed Driscoll, Maggie’s Farm, Sonic Frog, Watts Up with That, ERS Notes, and Muskegon Pundit. It made me very happy to know that you appreciated my work.

What I’m not happy about is that it all came when I was traveling for work, so I was completely incapable of capitalizing on it at all, managing just a couple of posts. If you enjoyed those, then they were an indicator of the high-quality content you can count on here at the Dollop.

If you didn’t like them, then I ask for a second chance because I was so busy working I wasn’t able to give them the full attention that they deserved, and that blames any gap in their quality and the typical standard here at the Dollop.