Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jonah Keri Needs Re-Education?

Full disclosure : I’m a Braves fan, so perhaps I’m hyper-sensitive to New York bias, particularly when it comes to the Mets. However, I was really pleased to see this in the ESPN feature, Keri the 10:
8. The Mets are coming back to the pack.
They're still a great team with enough talent to make a World Series run. But this isn't the NL Central, where 85 wins probably gets you to the playoffs. The Braves and Phillies are good teams, with enough resources and farm system talent to trade for upgrades where needed; and the Marlins have a history of staging big, surprising runs.
Finally! An ESPN employee who’s not so infatuated with New York that he can speak reasonably and refrain from spouting excuses for why the Mets have lost ground. There are 2 other good teams in the NL East and one “sleeper” team (never discount Florida until they’re mathematically eliminated, and then only at your peril), and it’ll take more than New York mojo to win the NL East. The Mets will have to actually win some games, probably within the division.

Every team has injuries at this time of year, and the relentless excuse-making for the Mets (and to some extent the Yankees) gets tiresome to those of us not beholden to the New York teams.

So Amen, and preach on, Brother Jonah!