Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Clinton Campaign Slogans

In order to help energize her sagging support and boost her base, Team Clinton has unveiled several new campaign slogans designed to get out the vote in the critical ‘Firewall’ states of Ohio and Texas, where she expects to pull ahead for good in the Democratic primary.

  • Just as hurricanes break against the Texas shore, so will the Obama storm come to naught.

  • Ohio: Holding both Canada and progressives at bay for almost 200 years.

  • Nobody panders like a Clinton!

  • Remember the Alamo, and vote Clinton or have wave after wave of Che Guevara supporters marching through San Antonio

  • Rodham versus Hussein: Vote in the real Super bowl

  • If a loved one is on death row, remember: pardons are cheaper than a night in the Lincoln bedroom.

  • Hillary Clinton: she’s not saying that Barack Obama is a drug-dealing friend of convicted real-estate felons owned by shadowy foreign investors with the middle name of a Mideast tyrant; she’s just saying that she’s not.

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