Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mass. ACLU: Conservative = Nazi

I’m sorry, I found this too funny not to mention. In the comments of the Massachusetts ACLU’s post about Brandeis University, one of the commenters accuses the ACLU of not defending conservatives from free-speech infringements by Universities.

As a defense, a poster replies:

The ACLU does defend conservative speakers. Just to name a couple examples, we've defended the antigay Westboro Baptist Church, and we've even defended the free speech rights of Nazis
Not to draw too fine a point, but the lunatics at Westboro are hardly lockstep conservatives, since they picket not just gays but also Iraq war dead. They're universally despised by everybody, left right and center. But since religious=conservatives for most people, I could see where you could make this (specious) claim.

But the Nazis? They call themselves the National Socialists; it’s right in the link that he provides to the Wikipedia entry! They’re hardly conservatives. I think there's even a mildly successful book on this at Amazon.

If somebody says conservative and these are the examples that spring to your mind, perhaps you’re not being very open-minded.

Just a thought.

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Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

I stumbled upon your post based on a google search. I love it! So true!