Friday, January 18, 2008

Your Lava Colonoscopy is Ready

I really wanted to read Bill Simmons’ debate with himself about whether the ‘86 Celtics or the ‘07 Patriots were the greatest team ever to grace Boston. But then I remembered that I needed to get a root canal from my nearsighted dentist with hands the size of oven mitts, and I wasn’t able to read it.

These are the kind of articles that sports networks love to run, but which are excruciating for non-fans to read. Why do they punish us with these things? They promise all of the joy of hearing a drunken friend debate with himself whether his penis is longer or wider than the normal man’s, with none of the schadenfreude of watching him vomit on himself at the end of the night.


Real Debate said...

Nice schadenfreude reference.

That is my second favorite word (next to pnultimate)

Get it?

Steve Burri said...

And the level to which they have to stoop to fill air time during the two weeks preceding the Super Bowl...

"Historically, when the third string offensive right tackle of the AFC representative in the Super Bowl has a mother who is celebrating her fiftieth birthday that same year while in jail accused of prostitution and voted for the Democrat candidate for President in all elections since she could vote, the AFC representative wins 72.3% of the time."