Thursday, January 10, 2008

Really? Iron my shirt?

Please don't tell me that what passes for sexism at the dawn of the 21st century is the hackneyed slogan "Iron my shirt!" I bet I can come up with ten better sexist things to yell at Hillary Clinton in under five minutes. Time me!

10) Shake it don't break it, baby!
9) Free the Springfield 2!
8) Go bake some cookies!
7) I got your free health care right here, baby!
6) Are you gonna cry to win the election?
5) I don't know which is sagging more: your polling or your ass!
4) If he's happy at home he won't go looking!
3) You throw like a girl!
2) Do you have to check those bags under your eyes?
1) Show me your tits!

1 comment:

Steve Burri said...

-'Iron Bill's coat-tails!'

-'Keep your va-jay-jay far, far away-way!'

-'Monica's got more experience!'