Monday, January 28, 2008

Now with Falling Satellite!

I have to admit that I read this post by Instapundit on 2008 being a repeat of the 1970’s with more amusement than alarm. Then I read about the falling spy satellite, reminiscent of Skylab, and I realized that we are reliving the late 1970's all over again!

So what else can we look forward to as we follow this template?

* A porn revival that will spawn re-imaginings of adult films like Debbie Does Dallas did once upon a time?

* A new A-Team, but this time as post-Iraq war veterans who solve people’s problems via vigilante justice and automatic weapons that never, ever hit anybody? [Is it too late to get Ving Rhames to play BA?]

* Dare we dream of a Miami Vice update? Oh, yeah, we had that one and it sucked. Never mind!
* Are rappers going to start wearing gigantic, gaudy clocks again? They might anyway, if the faces were made of bulletproof glass.
[Note to self: invest in the next bulletproof bling company that you find]

* Speaking of investments, I’m gonna invest in every upstart computer company I can find, since the new Apple must be out there somewhere, right? Or is the new Apple currently starting up in China?

* Could we possibly witness John Travolta's third career revival as an itinerant Scientology minister? Maybe on a TV show, with a title like Touched by a Dumbass?

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