Friday, January 18, 2008

Thanks, Fred!

I really appreciate Fred's kind words over at his blog, Real Debate Wisconsin. He runs a real blog site over there, with visitors and everything, but he finds me amusing enough that from time to time he gives me kind words, and I appreciate it.

He's got radar, too: every time I start feeling like my blog is a millstone around my neck, he drops an unsolicited compliment that makes me feel better about the whole affair. Lest you feel sorry for me, though, remember this: I do this basically because I want to and no other reason. So it would be utterly narcissistic for me to whine about how hard it is.

After all, I can quit any time. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Real Debate said...

You are most welcome.

Really I think you are writing some of the freshest material out there.

If you'd like to join the contributors at my joint you'd be welcome at any time.

Steve Burri said...


Wisconsin has been berry, berry good to you.

I agree with Fred. You write some excellent, original, and entertaining posts.

Plebian said...

Sad to say, Fred, I do get your joke. Even worse, I laughed!