Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Canton Connection

While some have hinted that Diebold was involved in the inexplicably misforecast New Hampshire election, no one has provided any sort of evidence of why Diebold would take such an egregious risk, nor which other parties may have been involved in the nefarious scheme. No one until now, that is. The fact is this:

Diebold conspired to rig the New Hampshire election for Hillary Clinton so that the Democrat momentum would swing in her favor and she could fight her way back to the nomination. From there, it’s on to a general election where Diebold will once again deliver polling-inaccurate results, leading to a coronation in 2009 of the second Clinton administration.

Diebold is headquartered in Canton, Ohio. You know what else is headquartered in Canton, Ohio? The NFL hall of fame. Hillary Clinton is a senator from New York. You know who has their business offices in New York? The NFL.

Why does the NFL want to have Clinton as president? It’s very simple: they are currently under pressure to increase medical benefits to retired players, which could wind up costing them billions of dollars. The entire organization will go bankrupt buying titanium hips and glass eyes.

If Clinton is president, she’ll push for mandatory universal health care, first of all for those who need it most: the retired. So the NFL’s billion-dollar problem suddenly disappears, just like Obama voters on a frigid New Hampshire morning.

Clinton probably told the NFL this: either you get Diebold to help me in New Hampshire, or I’ll make sure a Senatorial subcommittee speaks to every crippled player it can find and soaks you for billions of dollars of damages.

Can America possibly hope to stand against a conspiracy which involves big government, big sports, and Carter-approved voting machines? Or have we already lost?

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