Thursday, January 10, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

One of my favorite columnists is Jonah Keri. But he's been MIA for a while over there, and his picture had disappeared. So I went looking for him, and turns out he's over at I'd noticed on ESPN that he hadn't written anything in a while, and what little appeared in December was now "Special to" instead of "By staff writer Jonah Keri."

Now, Deadspin is on my links. But since he's writing about college basketball, I didn't notice. Yes, not only am I lazy I despise college sports. So sue me.

But what happened to Keri? Did he get fired? Was there a fight at the ESPN Thanksgiving party and he ended up breaking a beer bottle over Bill Simmons' head? Did he punch Dieter (or whatever the Sprockets guy's name is) in the face?

And more importantly: other than TMQ, is there really any reason to read ESPN. com any more?

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