Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No matter who wins…


Think on it a moment :

If Boston wins, then we will be bomarded by stories about how Eli and Peyton Manning are both chokers and how the Patriots are the greatest team in the history of the NFL and Boston is having a sports Renaissance. Can you imagine the ESPN head shot of Bill Simmons as Leonardo DaVinci? Did you just vomit a little thinking about it?

If Boston loses, then we have to suffer an avalanche of “Family Feud!” articles about how Eli is better than Peyton and New York is the sports mecca of the world again. We will also be treated to article after article after article about the long-suffering Boston fans and how they have got to be the most star-crossed sports city in the history of the universe.

And those stories were just so much fun the first time around (circa 1960 to 2004).

So no matter who wins the Super Bowl this year, my advice to you is to leave space in your oven for your own head. You’re going to need it.

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