Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Roger Clemens is Screwed

And I don’t mean in a good, country-music-star way. I mean in a bad, “your legacy is tarnished and everyone will hate you forever” way.

The predictable calls for him to “come clean and confess” have begun to appear. Then, we are assured, all will be forgiven.

Sure. And the Spanish Inquisition asked for the accused to bring kindling, but that was only to heat the courtroom.

If Clemens is foolish enough to confess, he’ll be crucified for it for the rest of his natural life. After all, Pete Rose was told all he had to do was apologize and all would be forgiven. We were assured that Rose, the all-time hit king, had committed only a minor sin, easily washed away with a simple confession.

You know what? Rose finally confessed and is worse off now than he was before: all his defenders have vanished, and his detractors (of whom I am one) freely malign his name without fear of anyone standing up for him. He’s a pariah in baseball and will forever be one.

So Clemens is doomed. His future in baseball is doubtful. And apparently he’s got troubles on the home front, too.

Good luck getting out of this count, Mr. Clemens. You’re gonna need it.

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